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All the recipes on “mangalorecookbook.wordpress.com” have been tried and tested by the author. The pictures depict the results exactly as the author got them and every effort has been taken by the author to review each recipe posted.

While trying out the recipes, please bear in mind that the result depends on various factors such as quality of the ingredients used, the material of the cooking utensils, individual cooking ability etc. Kindly use the information on this blog as a guide or reference, but use your own discretion before taking any decisions. The author shall not be liable in any way, if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage, while making use of the information in this blog.

The views, ideas and comments published here solely represent the author and reader’s opinion, which may be subject to personal preferences. They have been posted in good faith, please use them for educational purposes only but make the final decision yourself. The author holds no responsibility for your decisions and actions.

The author may keep updating old posts on a regular basis and is not bound to explicitly state all corrections made.

Unless otherwise stated, all the texts and images on mangalorecookbook.wordpress.com belong to the author. If you wish to reproduce any content in the media, including print and web, kindly seek permission before doing so. The author may be contacted at mangalore.cookbook@gmail.com.


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